Never a charge for our services + Best Rates Available

The Difference we make... WHAT TO LOOK FORWARD TO

    1. A friendly fact finding phone call, real agents who know Oregon and want to help you!
    2. In depth “diagnosis” of what will help you the most.
    3. A personal meeting or phone enrollment, generally less than an hour,  to lay out the best path ahead.
    4. Easy to understand enrollment to a complicated system and return to support for issues in the future.
    5. Support with uploading any required documentation for tax credit subsidies.

    Together we will navigate the complex system of eligibility, tax credits, subsidies and premium relief for each individual client. Our goals will be your qualification for free insurance or significantly lower premiums.

    We will be with you to find help with deductibles and co-payments by sharing our expertise and knowledge of values within the system. All these benefits will be yours at no cost as we are compensated directly by carriers without affecting the final price of the plans. We will find the best fit for your needs be it online, in person or via phone. By allowing our agency to work with you we will find the right plan for you specific needs, get you enrolled and maximize your savings through insurance premium relief tax credits.

    Example Premium: Age 32, monthly premium = $155.00
    (Additional savings with qualified tax credit)

    Spending this time together allows us to meet your needs while respecting your budget. We are able to move forward then and select a plan that works for you. We can do this face to face, in our office or your home, or we can easily meet via phone depending on your schedule and needs. Our presentation of how to best use the system and explanation of plans that fit you is easy to understand with the added bonus of completing your online enrollment and processing with the carrier and exchange programs.